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Integrated Bioresource Information Division


As it is exactly said “No data, No resource”, “Information” is an essential element of bioresources as the basic infrastructure for promotion of the life science. Integrated Bioresource Information Division aims to develop novel utilities and create new “values” of bioresouces by analyses of bioresource-related big data, and facilitate wide, effective and efficient use of bioresources for R&D in science and industry.

As the one of the BioResouce Infrastructure Divisions, core activity of BioResource Research Center, we work on the three research plans; 1) Homepage contents, 2) Integration of metadata, international standardization and development of cross-resource search, and 3) Big data analysis and its visualization as follows:

  1. Homepage contents
  2. Data integration and standardization
  3. Big-data analysis

1.Homepage contents

For the dissemination of bioresource information, the website plays crucial roles to promote uses of bioresource, by carrying resource catalog, window of the collection and distribution of resources as well as advertisement of resources to potential users. We operate workflow of homepage development to create homepage articles to respond to the social needs (e.g. disease problems, healthy life span and food production) and to research needs by proposing bioresources which can be used in the researches for solution of these issues.

2.Data integration and standardization

Establishments of informational technologies and standards for description and integration of bioresource-related data including biological characteristics, genome sequences and images are crucial for accomplishment the Division’s mission. We develop data integration technologies to improve informational infrastructure enabling researchers can easily access and use bioresource-related data in the big-data analyses toward the era of the data-driven science.

3.Big-data analysis

We try to discover novel biological functions or principles of life systems applying large-scale data analysis technologies with mathematical analysis. We also try to introduce new practical technologies such as deep learning by which computers may give a decision focusing on the different view point from human decision, in which feature of data are extracted independently to human definition.

Increasing values of bioresources by Informational technology