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Cross search of bioresouces in BRC
We work on the integration of catalog data across mouse, plant, cell, genes and microbe resources and cross-search system across these resources using Resource Description Framework (RDF) related technologies. To operate this system, we developed data conversion pipeline to generate RDF-version of latest bioresource catalog data produced in Divisions in BRC.
We implemented data search function that user can input synonym of gene symbols or orthologous gene symbols to normalize difference of written forms of gene names on BRC Website.


Mouse Strain Search (Experimental Animal Division’s page)

Linked Open Data of bioresouces
We work on the integration of bioresource data from BRC with other biological data using Resource Description Framework (RDF). At the BioResource MetaDatabase, you can download, search with SPARQL and browse RDF data set of bioresources in BRC.

BioResource MetaDatabase

Mail News of bioresouces
We deliver Mail News of each resources. Registration of subscription are available from links below.

Mail News at RIKEN BRC Website

Mouse genomic variation database ” MoG+
「MoG+ (pronounce, mάg plˈʌs) is a mouse genome database provides visualized mouse genomic variation between multiple laboratory strains including Japanese wild mice derived strains. In this system, you can also search for disease-related information based on common genes of the mouse strains and humans. (This database is renewed version of mouse genome database “NIG_MoG” and “NIG_MoG2” transferred from National Institute of Genetics in Japan.


Online information service on mouse phenotype-phenotype relationships
We provide two application tools, each of which visualizes statistical relationships between mouse phenotypes by purpose, to promote leverage of the comprehensive phenotype data from the Internationa Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC).
Visualization of association rules and putative pathways across the mouse phenome

Links to data integration technologies we use

Links to tools for data analysis

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